DIY Computer Desk

Hello All! Thank you for visiting my blog. I recently built a new computer desk for my office and wanted to share my process with you all.

I work as a graphic designer and it was really important that I had a bigger desk than the standard size in order to have room to spread out paperwork. I also only had a weekend to get it done so I couldn’t do something that was complicated.

The following are the materials I used for this project:

1 – 2×4 board

3 – 1×3 boards (depending the length of each board)

1- solid Aspen Woodworking Panel

1 pack wood screws

4 corner braces

4 hanger bolts


First thing I did was take the 2×4 and cut it in half.


I then cut those two pieces down the middle to create 4 pieces, which will be used as the legs of the desk.


I did an extra step in sanding and rounding off the edges a bit of each leg for aesthetic purposes.



Second, I cut the 1×3 boards to make braces for the top and bottom of the desk (this will make more sense when you see assembly below).


This next step is kinda hard to describe, but basically I took a smaller drill bit and pre-drilled holes into each 1×3 on both ends. Then, I went back over the holes and drilled with a thicker bit half way down the hole so that I could sink the screws into the board.


Next, it was time to connect all four boards using corner braces. I did not find these at Lowes. However, I am sure that if you researched online you will be able to purchase them. I re-purposed these old brackets from an older table that I had.


If you look closely at the picture below, you can tell that in order to get the brackets to attach, I had to carve in notched lines for the edges of the brackets to slide into the wood. I then screwed in each bracket in order to connect all four boards.




After that step was complete, I then screwed the brace underneath the top of the desk.



I then moved onto the legs. Each bracket had a hanger bolt in the inside corner in order to attach the legs to the brace. In order to connect the legs to the bracket on the brace, I had to pre-drill screw holes into the inside corner of the desk leg. See image below.


Once I pre-drilled the holes, I hand screwed in the hanger bolts and attached each leg to its respective corner bracket with a nut. I did this until the table had all four legs attached to the brace.




It was finally starting to look like a real desk!


Now it was time to install the bottom braces of the desk. I used cut 2×4 pieces as a way to measure the height of the lower braces from the floor and to ensure that the lower braces were even.



I used my nail gun to nail in the bottom braces.


The building was now complete and it was ready for staining.



I chose a wood stain by Rust-oleum titled Ebony. There was already a natural wood pattern on the top that I wanted to bring out, so I used one coat of Ebony, let it dry, and then lightly sanded the top of the desk to bring out the wood grain and more of the brown tone of the wood. The photos below shows the process and result achieved.




Afterwards, I applied a coat of Rust-oleum matte interior polyurethane in order to preserve the stain and wood. I then let it dry over night in the garage, and the next day, put it in my office.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this blog. I hope this inspired you to create your own desk. Cheers, Jason!





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