DIY Garden Trellis

Hello All! Welcome and Thank You for visiting my blog. This is a complementary post to my “Build Your Own Garden Bed from Beginning to End” post, which if interested in viewing please visit. I’m going to show you how to create a simple Trellis for any of your garden and growing needs. We planted pumpkins, so instead of have vines all over our yard, I decided to build a Trellis to grow the pumpkins onto vertically.

First, let’s go over the materials you will need in order to build your own trellis.

You will need…

19 – 2x2x42 Sq 2E Balusters (Also know as deck rails)

4 – 1x2x8 Wood Boards

4 – 1x3x8 Wood Boards

1 – 2×4 Wood Board


2 – ½ in x 24in Steel Rebar Pins


1 – 5/8 Spade Bit


10x2in Wood Screws


And, finally, any type of wood glue.

Now, that we have the supplies covered, it’s time to start building . Please note that my trellis’ total height was 7ft x 3in, so if you would like to have something smaller or larger then you would need to adjust the measurements accordingly. Also, please be sure to double check all your measurements, as well as mine, as some things may not line up or change throughout the building process. I don’t guarantee accuracy!

Here we go.

First, you want to cut your boards to size.

I cut all 1x2x8 Wood Boards to 76 ½ inches long.

I cut all 1x3x8 Wood Boards to 87 inches long.

I cut the 2×4 Wood Board to 54 ½ inches long.

I ended up cutting a 45 degree angle on the ends of the 2×4 just for aesthetic purposes since it will be the top of the trellis. This is only optional, so if this doesn’t interest you then leave the board straight.


Now that we have our boards cut, it’s time to start piecing everything together.

The first step is to glue a 2x2x42 Baluster (deck rail) to the top edge of a 1x3x8 wood board. Make sure to leave around 5 inches clearance at the top for the 2×4 to go.



Next, you will need to screw in the 2x2x42 Baluster (deck rail) into the 1x3x8 board. I highly suggest starting with a short predrilled hole to get the screw started. It will make this whole process go smoother. You will need to repeat this step again so that you have a Baluster along one 1x3x8 board on both sides of the trellis frame.



Once you have completed the previous step for both sides of the trellis frame, it’s time to take two more 2x2x42 Balusters (deck rails) and drill holes into one end of each of them using the 5/8 Spade Bit.



Once you are done drilling the holes, you will need to glue and screw down the 2x2x42 Balusters (deck rails) to the bottom half of your 1x3x8 boards that were in the previous step. Make sure not to put screws where we just drilled the holes since we need those clear and open to fit out rebar into later on.




Now its time to glue and screw our 2×4 wood board on top of each 1x3x8 board to connect the two. I took a few 2x2x42 Balusters (deck rails) and put them across at the top, middle, and bottom to get the proper spacing first. I just laid the deck rails in place; don’t screw them in as they are there only for spacing purposes at this point.





Next, we are ready to install the remaining 2x2x42 Balusters (deck rails) going across for our rails. I used left over 1x4x8 board cuts from a previous project for spacing.



Continue this process until the remaining 2x2x42 Balusters (deck rails) have been installed.



Moving right along: Now that we have our rails installed, it’s time to glue and screw our other two 1x3x8 wood boards to the top sides of our trellis. These boards will go directly on top of the 2x2x42 Balusters (deck rails) that were placed along the sides of the trellis from the earlier steps. See images below.




Then, you should install the four 1x2x8 boards for the vertical rails. I used left over 1x8x8 board cuts from a previous project for spacing.



Repeat this process until you have installed all remaining 1x2x8 boards.


Almost done. Now it’s time to put those ½ in x 24in Steel Rebar Pins into play. If you look at the pic below you will see how the rebars will be used as anchors and go into the holes we screwed in one of our previous steps.


Measure the distance of the two holes of the legs of our trellis and hammer those Steel Rebars into the ground.


Lastly, slide your Trellis onto the two Steel Rebars so that the Rebars go into the holes and hold the Trellis up and into place.


Congratulations. You are now done.

This next part is optional, but if you would like to add a little more support to your trellis, buy 4 more 2x2x42 Balusters (deck rails) and create support legs and install. So, instead of getting 19 2x2x42 Balusters (deck rails) you would need to get 23. Totally optional though. See pics below for that.




Thank you for visiting my blog and reading through this post. I hope it helps you in creating your very own trellis. Cheers! Jason




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